Sunday, June 14, 2009

JUNE 13TH.....

It was a long day for us all. Think I walked in the door around 1:15 am this morning very tired. Kristy decided to drive on home, so she was closer to 2:00 getting home. It was a very quiet drive down. We stopped at Rasing Cane's for supper and met up with another soldier and her other half and then we headed further south and finally got in the South Gate at Camp Shelby around 8:45 last night. They had formation at 9:30 pm and then we were able to hand around until around 11:45 pm. Everyone was tired I think.

They bought the build a bear yesterday, and it has a message for the baby inside of it along with a little heart.  The bear is the newest on the market Kristy said.

We heard rumors last night of several dates when they will be shipping out, so I guess we will sit back and see which one comes true.


Some Soldier's Mom said...

worried on ya all night... glad you & kristy made it back safe... time to just sit back now & take it easy for a little while -- you have been running yourself ragged and need a little time to gather your strength for this next year (you got a baby to plan for now!!) xxx SSM

Call Me Grandma said...

What a great looking couple!
Prayers going out to you and yours.


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