Saturday, June 20, 2009


I was enjoying an evening last night by a friends pool and at 6:18 p.m.  an unfamiliar number appeared on my caller ID on my cell and I answered it and it was Michael.  Thanks to the USO they can use the phone for free for 20 minutes.  I am not sure if thats every day, but whatever, we will take it.  He says that the internet is free as well.  I think it also has a time limit of 20 minutes.  Not long when you have a wife and mom who your trying to talk to.  We talked for several minutes, and then it was Kristy's turn.

Think it will take a week or so for him to adjust to the time change.  It was 2:18 am his time and he said that he had been sleeping since 5:00 pm.

Kristy and I have a busy day today.  We are headed out bright and early this morning to get her a webcam and then we will go back to their house and get it all set up so that she will be able to communicate and see Michael.

Tonight we are headed to Trustmark Park to watch the Military baseball team play.  

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Guard Wife said...

I need to figure out the webcam that is inside my computer & figure out how this whole Skype thing works. If I leave it up to Brian, we'll not see each other until next year this time. LOL :)

He was very happy to hear about the USO stuff. I know he was concerned I wouldn't hear from him for awhile.


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