Friday, September 30, 2005


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Katy has decided that we needed to show off our porches for Self Portrait Friday this week. I told Katy that I would play this morning not realizing that is is uaually still dark when I leave for work, so Katy this is the best I can do, considering it is like 0630 this morning.

I listened to Erik's audio blog this morning, by the way which is great, and he says that the southern porches are different. So this picture is for you Erik. Keep audio blogging it is great Erik.


Michael's new toy (laptop) arrived this week all in tact via the snail mail. The HAJI Internet has not been working very well this week and he has been working a different duty, so have not had much time to instant message with him. Michael, I have posted some pictures of your cousins Justin and Lauren from the ballgame last night.



yankeemom said...

Oh I love your porch!! Quite different from what passes for a porch here in CA. Great Dogs too!!
Also, so glad the laptop got there in one piece - I hope the internet behaves itself soon!

Call Me Grandma said...

Down home southern comfort, that is what your front porch says to me. I love the doggies, too. Ruff, Ruff!
Glad Michael got his puter in one piece.

~K said...

Love having a porch. It is the one thing we all should remember we have.
Michael is going to have fun

Army Wife said...

that is one big porch!

Toni said...

I love your porch. I'd rather have that than cows!

Erik Holtan said...

See what I'm saying about the Southern Porches?
You know in the north we gotta be able to abandon the dang things for 5 months so we can't be putting any good furniture out there! Plastic is the way to go!
Thanks for linking me, you are very generous about that. Now lets see some more southern audio posts from you, PLEASE! Love that southern accent!
Have a great Sunday, and glad you talked to Michael!
Although I take it that picture of him in his Gortex jacket was NOT recent! It's not that cold yet!

Sheri & SuZan said...

What a great porch! I bet you have had some great times on it. Love your dogs too. Happy SPF (a couple of days late).

Wayne's Mom said...

Didn't know you were a swinger! :)

southerngirlpls said...

Hey! Please accept my Thanks for all the sacrafices that you make as a military mom! My family and I belong to a group called Soldiers' Angels and support our troops 150%. If you EVER need anything, please let me know! God Bless!
Pam-Marion, OH

Katy said...

Those are some pretty big dogs (shudders). I am more of a cat person, especially when it comes to big face eating

Kandice said...

i meant to tell you i'm coming home the weekend of the 15th for the last time before thanksgiving..AND i have NOOOO plans this time except for going out to dinner saturday this time (if you are free) we have got to visit and chat (on that porch--haha).. talk to ya later stacy!

Katy said...

Where are you?lol


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