Monday, August 20, 2007


At least this time anyway.

It is still a very powerful categaory 4, but we are spared this time.

Looks like it is just south of Grand Cayman.

The warm water is deep and is providing a lot of potential energy for Dean. The upper-level wind shear will be favorable for strengthening in the path of Dean, and farther strengthening should occur, bringing Dean to Category 5 hurricane during the day Monday and Monday night. This means life-threatening conditions with damaging winds, flooding rain and a storm surge of 8-12 feet will blast the eastern resort areas along and near the east coast of the Yucatan, causing similar damage to what was experienced during Wilma in 2005 or even Gilbert in 1988. Dean will lose strength during its encounter with the Yucatan but should gain strength across the Bay of Campeche and still could be a major hurricane again as it nears the Mexican coast later Wednesday.

The news said this morning that we could expect gas prices to go up. Well I had to get a little of that high priced gasoline this morning, and as I was pulling away from the pumps, they were changing the prices. GEES...It has not even hit the US and they are already hiking the gas prices...


Andrea Shea King said...

Thank God!

Radio Patriot

Claire said...

I am so glad that you are going to be spared. I have several friends who have been to Alabama, Mississippi, and other Southern states to clean up from hurricanes over the past couple of years. I think you all deserve a break!


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