Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Learned last night at the funeral home that a guy I went to high school with is Michael's new Company Commander. We talked for the longest time about his new position. This will be his first time deploying. It's a small world for sure. I small sigh of relief for me. I am 100% sure that Michael will have the best guidance and role model possible. He will be in good hands. I can trust this guy and know that he will do whatever it takes for his unit.

It's a for sure deployment. They leave for Camp Shelby very soon for several days to do all their medical processing. It's all being done so very different for this second deployment. I am thinking that the changes will be great.

I learned a lot about when and where they will be doing their training and how long they will train before they deploy. Lots of changes, but for the better from what I gathered last night.

I honestly can say I think I just might sleep a little better now that I know that he will be taken care of and I know without a doubt that this new Company Commander will do a fine job with our soldiers. He will lead them in the right direction.


Army Wife said...

FYI the ARK Guard is at Shelby right now!

Cappy said...

God bless and keep your brother, and all our men and women that serve.

Claire said...

Stacy I am glad that you have an added level of comfort. Good leaders are so vital to a good mission. They are key to keeping morale up and soldiers safe. I am glad that Michael has your friend as a trusted leader!

David M said...

He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

you know I'm prayin'... but good things might come from this new leader... and that is a REALLY good thing. xxx & hugs,


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